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Although mobile homes for sale tend not to hold or build equity over time, selling a mobile home is relatively easy due to the high demand for affordable housing. Current mobile home owners shouldn’t expect to completely regain the money they used to purchase and keep up their home, but with the proper diligence, preparation and professional assistance, they will probably be able to come close.

Condition of Home

Ideally, a mobile home for sale on the market today should be in as good a condition as possible, with no interior or exterior repairs that will need to be made by the new home owner. This will not only attract serious buyers, but it will also catch the eye of many cash buyers. Selling used manufactured homes to a cash buyer should be, if possible, one of the top priorities for people placing their manufactured homes for sale.

Alternatively, if minor or even drastic repairs will have to be made by the next owner, then the overall appeal of the house begins to decline along with the total value, driving down the finale sale price. Mobile homes for sale that are in need of repair are usually not purchased by cash buyers, and are more often sold to individuals or families that would like to take advantage of a payment plan.

Types of Buyers

All cash buyers pay everything upfront and all at once. These are the types of buyers anyone looking to sell their home should try to market toward. The process is faster, simpler and less stressful when dealing with an all cash buyer, and contingency plans will not have to be created in the event they default on their payment. Because all cash buyers are so appealing to people with mobile homes for sale, they are often able to pick and choose from the best used mobile homes for sale in any given area. Sellers will often make custom changes or supply additional support in order to win over cash buyers, and given the benefits of a one-time sale these strategies should not be dismissed.

Not every seller can manage to entice an all cash buyer though, and some will most definitely need to settle for a sale based on a payment schedule. There are multiple ways a payment sale can be conducted, and most often they require an initial down payment and subsequent monthly payments. If a mobile home for sale is in particular need of work and repair, and the seller has tried to sell their home unsuccessfully for a few months, then they might consider waiving the down payment entirely. While a flexible seller can be of great benefit to someone looking to purchase a mobile home for sale while on a budget, sellers should be wary of deals like this due to the potential for default. The proper contracts should be drawn up by a professional and a contingency plan should be made by the selling party to ensure they are not too negatively affected in the event the buyers cannot end up paying the entire amount owed.

Using an Agent

A mobile home sales agent is a valuable tool to anyone considering selling a manufactured home. These agents, through years of experience and government accreditation, will be able to guide a seller through the entire process of selling their home, from figuring out what it is worth to the best ways to advertise the listing to potential buyers. They will most likely be taking a commission fee upon the sale of the home, but the fee is usually worth their expertise and ability to navigate the intricate world of manufactured and mobile home sales.

A homeowner considering selling their mobile or manufactured home should first make sure it is the best condition possible in order to attract the most promising buyers. After the home has been brought up to industry standards or above, contacting a mobile home sales agent or dealer to help with the process is a great option. A more professionally marketed mobile home for sale will often result in an easier, faster and more profitable sale in the end.