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Mobile home parks can be fantastic places to live or retire to, but sometimes finding a mobile home park that will accept a certain type of animal as a pet is hard to find. Many mobile homes for sale are located in communities that exercise certain limitations on the ability to house an animal, such as what type of species are allowed, certain weight limits and also breed restrictions. Most often, these pet restrictions will be expressed immediately upon a potential residents applying to live in the community, but it is important to search out these restrictions before signing a lease in order to avoid potential heartbreak down the road.


Species Specifications

While this is one of the more understandable and obvious pet restrictions, many mobile home parks with manufactured homes for sale will only accept canines and felines, as well as certain small birds and reptiles. Apart from these animals, which can understandably be properly cared for on the grounds of the mobile home park, other species are not generally accepted or encouraged. While these rules can, of course, be challenged or waived, most people will not have to concern themselves too much with these specific regulations.


Weight and Size Limits

Weight and size limits for pets are beginning to reach the safety factor involved with implementing pet restrictions. Certain size animals, such as large dogs, can pose a danger in specific atmosphere. In an all-ages, or “family” mobile home park, there could be small children who would not be able to defend itself if a large animal were to for some reason attack. Of course, pet owners usually never believe that their animal could hurt anyone, but there have been countless incidents where an otherwise peaceful animal has become aggravated and attacked. In senior mobile home parks, the thinking behind the weight and size restrictions is the same. If someone interested in purchasing a mobile home for sale in a senior mobile home park has a large animal, they should bring it up with the manager as soon as they apply to live in the park, because most senior mobile home parks will not allow large animals on their property in order to maintain the safety of their residents.

Besides maintaining the general safety of the population, weight and size restrictions are also taking the needs of the animal into consideration. Large animals usually require large open spaces. Manufactured homes for sale within mobile home parks do not usually have a large enough home interior or yard where the animal could roam, run and play. Also, mobile home parks often maintain strict regulations about an animal never being left alone or unleashed outside of a home, so homeowners would need to be present at all times when their animal is outside. This means that large dogs would have to be locked in the house if a resident was not home, and a resident would not be permitted to allow it to use a dog-door to go inside or outside as they pleased.

Furthermore, mobile home parks with mobile homes for sale rarely have a common area in which residents are allowed to walk their dog or allow it to socialize with other animals. Finding a mobile home park with a “dog run” or a “dog park” is not common, and because of this residents with animals are often forced to leave the grounds of the mobile home park in order to walk their pet.


Breed Restrictions

All breed restrictions in a mobile home park’s rules and regulations should be discovered before applying for a home. Even if a potential homebuyer’s animal fits within the species, size and weight designations, the breed of the animal might hinder its entrance into the park. While there are a few breeds that are commonly associated with potentially “vicious” or “violent” animals, these restrictions vary widely between properties. Also, as more research is being done into the validity of these beliefs, more mobile home parks are beginning to shift their regulations in one way or another. Being upfront about the breed of an animal is a must for a pet owner looking to purchase a mobile home for sale and enjoy the benefits of mobile home park living.