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The choice to purchase a new manufactured home directly from a factory can be extremely exciting. The amount of customization and versatility provided with designing a new manufactured home is wonderful, but it also comes with its costs. Understanding the total final cost of purchasing a new manufactured home for sale from a factory will help individuals considering the option weigh the benefits against the negatives, allowing them to make the right decision when taking into account their individual needs.


Factory Purchase Price

When purchasing a brand new manufactured home directly from the factory, it should be taken into account that the price of every addition will ultimately be tacked onto the base price of any given model. So, if the factory is advertising a certain model at a specific price, that amount will not necessarily be the final price a homebuyer will end up paying. And, given the ability of the purchaser to customize their new home’s flooring material, lighting type, room layout and many other options, it takes a very restrained buyer to not substantially modify the base model of a manufactured home for sale. Upgrading a home is not something to be discouraged though, as personalized additions can greatly add to the enjoyment of living in a new manufactured home, but the cost of these personal touches should be understood completely before the home is built in order to avoid unforeseen financial stress in the future.


Home Transportation Costs

Once a model of a new manufactured home for sale has been purchased from the factory, it will need to be transported to its next location. The cost of moving a mobile home is often not considered fully by purchasers, as they expect the cost to be much lower than what it truly is. When a section of a mobile home only needs to travel a short distance, for instance under one hundred miles, it is common for the transportation costs to tally anywhere between two and five thousand dollars. When multiple sections of a new home require a travel distance of more than one hundred miles, buyers can potentially forecast a cost of up to fifteen thousand dollars.

These travel costs might seem high, but they include many different fees that culminate in the final cost. Each section of a home needing to be transported will require a truck to be secured and operated, adding the cost of a driver, gas and travel time. In addition to the cost of the trucks, state and local permits may need to be acquired due to the large load of each section, tacking on dollars for every individual state or city requiring its own permit to be procured.


Installation Costs

Once the new manufactured home has been transported, its sections must then be installed and finished on a privately owned piece of land or within a mobile home park. These services can include placing the new home on a foundation, securing it to its piers, leveling the entire unit and then placing any final finishing touches around the exterior. Altogether, these activities could total costs of five thousand dollars or more.
Choosing to purchase a model of a new manufactured home for sale can supply a great amount of versatility and customization, ending with a wonderfully personalized final product. However, anyone considering going this route for their next home should understand the total cost involved with procuring and placing their new perfect home.