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Many people intent on buying a home might not originally consider looking for mobile homes for sale, but with their geographical versatility, living space customization and low initial cost, buying a new or used mobile home for sale can become an appealing option for anyone currently considering homes on the market. Buying a mobile home can also be much faster and easier than purchasing a traditional family home, but there are still items that should be considered and inspected to ensure any manufactured home for sale will be up to the quality standards that home buyers expect and deserve.


The versatility of customization that is provided when designing a brand new manufactured home can encompass many different things, including the number of rooms, types of lighting and structural materials of the home. Individuals new to the manufactured housing industry might feel more comfortable making these decisions with the help of a licensed mobile home sales agent, as these agents can be quite familiar with the benefits and potential detriments of the different options available for inclusion. Buyers of new manufactured homes can also dictate the size and layout of their new home, but these decisions should be made while considering any size restrictions placed on the dimensions of the home, either by the size of a mobile home park lot or local zoning regulations.

Whatever options and dimensions a homebuyer chooses, their new manufactured home will be easy to deliver and install on its final destination. Most commonly, homes will be transported to a mobile home park, although sometimes they are purchased to occupy privately owned land. After the portions of the home are relocated, they are set up and joined together by a team of professionals.


The initial cost of purchasing a mobile home for sale is substantially less than purchasing a standard single family home, offering lower sale prices and subsequently lowering any potential mortgage or loans payments. These lower payments, however, are often coupled with higher interest rates than those associated with purchasing traditional stick-built homes.

Although the total initial sale and setup costs involved with purchasing a new mobile home are more manageable and affordable than when purchasing a traditional home, it should also be understood that mobile homes, unlike traditional homes, tend to depreciate in value over time. So, although the purchase price is lower, the amount of equity earned over time will often be little to none.

Home Inspection

Before finalizing the purchase of any mobile home for sale, be it new or previously lived in, it is very important for potential buyers to inspect and approve all of the home’s utility systems. The electrical, plumbing, gas and heating systems should all be thoroughly examined and proven to meet state health and safety standards. If any of these systems show signs of damage or malfunction, then the purchase of the mobile home for sale should be put on hold until the proper repairs are made. Otherwise, the responsibility of repairing these systems will fall to the new owner of the home.

The structural integrity of the home should be inspected as well. Making sure the edges around the home’s windows and doors properly seal will ensure the home’s insulation has not been compromised. Proper insulation of a home will help the home maintain a comfortable temperature and ultimately save money on utility bills.

With the proper care and consideration given to inspecting the quality and structural integrity of a mobile home for sale, the versatility and lower cost of entry for purchasing a manufactured home can make it a viable and appealing option for anyone considering buying a new home.