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Many people interested in purchasing a mobile home for sale become so wrapped up in the exterior or interior presentation of the home, its curb appeal or “wow factor,” that they overlook some of the more important aspects of a manufactured home. The utility systems – gas, electric and water – should be thoroughly examined and inspected in order to decipher whether they are in proper working condition. The last thing someone who just bought a manufactured home for sale wants to discover is that they need to poor even more money into a faulty utility system. In this article, we will discuss common points in the electrical system to inspect and troubleshoot in order to avoid purchasing a home that will introduce unexpected electrical problems and repair costs to new owners.


Check Wall Plugs and Sockets

It sounds simple, and it is, but many people overlook simple checks to ensure that every light switch and electrical plug within the mobile home for sale and upon the surrounding home space are connected and functional. While a plug that doesn’t power appliances or a “phantom switch” that seems to be connected to nothing at all are usually mere annoyances, they can be indicative of a larger problem. Individuals looking for a manufactured home for sale do not need to be knowledgeable in advanced electrical theory to understand that current-carrying wires are fed through the wall of a home to power and incorporate switches and plugs. Barring the possibility that a plug was either installed without power or has been removed from the circuit in past years, non-functional plugs and switches can be signs of loose wiring in the walls. These loose wires are dangerous fire hazards that should be fixed immediately. If a prospective homebuyer is considering purchasing a home with non-functional switches or plugs, they should ask the current owner to look into these issues and resolve any problems they might find.


Examine Home Circuit Breaker Panel

Electrical problems throughout the system are on thing, and can often be replaced without incurring a bankrupting charge, but prices can quickly rise if larger issues occur. The circuit breaker panel within a mobile home for sale supplies power to multiple circuits within the home, branching to probably every room in the house. If a problem occurs at the breaker level, then the entire home’s appliances and electrical system could be vulnerable.

Especially in older manufactured homes for sale, the electrical circuit breaker panel within the home should be checked for problems associated with age, such as a deterioration or corrosion. If wire coverings have deteriorated, they should be replaced and brought up to code in order to prevent potential damages. The panel’s interior parts should also be looked at, as deterioration elsewhere can be indicative of deterioration within. Likewise, if a panel has begun to corrode around its exterior, then its interior might hold hidden damage as well.


Confirm Proper Connection to Park Hookup and Meter

Mobile homes for sale within a mobile home park are connected to electricity through park owned outlets called pedestals. These pedestals can range from two to four feet high, and come in a variety of form factors. If a problem arises with either the park owned electrical pedestal or the meter they are using to monitor the amount of electrical power consumed by a home, then it is their responsibility and obligation to perform any necessary repairs. If a potential homebuyer searching for a manufactured home for sale notices these connections are not functional or correctly installed, they should alert the office of the mobile home park immediately, as they will want to conduct the necessary repairs as fast as possible.