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Purchasing a mobile home for sale can be a wonderful decision for many people, especially those interested in taking advantage of the affordability aspect of mobile home living. But, if the manufactured home for sale is not properly inspected before it is purchased, then new homeowners might find themselves paying for costly expenses that could have been avoided. Carefully searching a mobile home for sale to locate any water damage, leveling problems or structural complications can help homebuyers avoid these unnecessary costs and bypass a great deal of potential stress and headaches.


Water Damage

The quality of the structural materials used in many older mobile homes for sale, especially those built prior to 1976, is relatively inexpensive and unsubstantial compared to those of today’s manufactured homes. Even the slightest bit of water damage can cause entire walls to begin to deteriorate or mold. Water damage in the flooring of older mobile homes can also quickly cause large amounts of sagging, creating safety hazards and increasing the potential for fall-through. When looking for manufactured homes for sale, examining the walls and floors (especially those covered by carpets or rugs) for water damage can save a lot of time and money in repairs down the road.


Piers and Leveling

The piers below a mobile home serve to position the home at the correct angle in relation to the ground beneath it. Because many manufactured homes for sale will typically not be set on concrete foundations, their piers will shift within the ground over time and throw off the leveling of the home. A thorough inspection of the pier system under a mobile home for sale conducted by a professional will help potential buyers spot any further damage or structural disrepair. Mobile and manufactured homes should be leveled every few years, especially in areas with a high water table or a large frequency of earthquakes, and it is not uncommon for a buyer to ask the selling party or a mobile home sales agent to conduct the leveling prior to the sale of the home.


Sectional Joints

If a manufactured home’s leveling has been substantially thrown off, then the sections of the home will often begin to separate. If a manufactured home for sale is inspected and separation has begun to occur, it will most likely be wise to continue looking for other homes on the market. Repairs can and should be made to homes that have begun to separate, however a myriad of other problems relating to the misalignment of the home’s primary structure could already be in play, and they could potentially cost new homeowners a large amount of money once they take ownership of the home. The party placing their mobile home for sale should disclose all types of structural damage, but there are times where they might not be aware of the damage whatsoever. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged that individuals looking to purchase a manufactured home for sale enlist the help of mobile home inspection professionals.


The process of buying a new home is seldom easy, and many times unforeseen problems can arise after a home is purchased. However, by conducting a thorough home tour and enlisting professionals to help inspect the home for hidden complications or deficiencies, anyone looking to purchase a mobile home for sale will be able to avoid unnecessary costs and headaches and confirm the manufactured home they are considering is truly a good fit.