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Finding a mobile home for rent can be a viable alternative to buying a new mobile home for sale, especially when considering the initial cost is lower, the maintenance and repair fees of the unit are the responsibility of the owner and that renters have the right to reasonable living conditions. Individuals that rent a mobile home, either in a mobile home park or on privately owned land, can truly benefit in the long run if they are responsible, follow all park or local regulations and keep up their home’s appearance and structural integrity.


The initial cost associated with renting a mobile or manufactured home is significantly lower than purchasing a mobile home or renting a single-family dwelling. The owner of the mobile home for rent, or the owner of the mobile home park where the home resides, will frequently ask for a security deposit to be delivered upon move-in to pay for any potential damage done to the home or land by the resident. However, there are local and state regulations as to how much owners can demand.

After the security deposit has been paid for the mobile home lot for rent, the monthly rent, depending on the location of the manufactured home, should be more affordable than other avenues of housing. In large part, mobile home parks strive to achieve the designation of “affordable housing,” which means that their monthly rental fees are no more than 30 percent of the income of the individual or family renting the home. Also, if the unit is owned by a third-party who is providing their mobile home for rent, they are the party held responsible for repairs and maintenance. This responsibility includes researching potential vendors, scheduling the appointments and supplying payment for the completed work. While the legal owner of the home is responsible for the charges incurred, it should be understood that those charges are often passed through to the resident via higher rent charges.


Individuals or families who are taking advantage of mobile or manufactured homes for rent have the right to reasonable living conditions, and the owner of the home or mobile home park must supply these conditions as best they can and as quickly as they can. If tenants do not feel they are receiving the proper care and attention they deserve, then legal action can be taken to ensure their situation is rectified.

Also, renters in a mobile home park cannot be evicted without the owner of the park showing proper cause. Any prejudice must be put aside and the case must be based solely on acceptable eviction circumstances, such as nonpayment of rent, consistent disregard for park rules and regulations or the breaking of laws on park property. Therefore, if a renter abides by the rules set forth by the park and their community, and consistently pays their rent on time and in full, a valid eviction is nearly impossible to enforce.

The low initial cost of renting a mobile home, coupled with the fact that renters are guaranteed certain reasonable living conditions that must be provided by the homeowner or owner of the mobile home park the home resides in, can make finding a mobile home for rent a truly appealing option for any individual or family interest in mobile home living.